ADP Hit Back at TPLF over ‘Chauvinist’ Charges

ADDIS ABEBA – Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) accuses Tigray’s ruling party of exploiting the current situation in the Amhara region to cover its “years of crimes” committed in Ethiopia.

The accusation came a day after Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) accused the ADP of “working with chauvinist forces” and “spoiling the security” of the region.

According to TPLF, the unity of the nation is endangered “by chauvinist forces from here and there. The ADP has been a fertile ground for this”.

The TPLF was referring to last month’s killing of the governor of the Amhara region, Ambachew Mekonen, and two other officials, who were members of the ADP, in what the authorities have described as an attempted coup. Ethiopia army chief of staff was also killed in Addis Abeba on the same day.

– Angry ADP –

The accusation marked growing tensions among parties that form the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) coalition that was founded by the TPLF and came to power in 1991.

It also left leaders of ADP livid and accusing TPLF of working to deter the current reforms in Ethiopia from the offset.

“It’s really disappointing that we heard these accusations at a time we are mourning the death of our colleagues,” said ADP, who lost its senior three leaders due to the alleged coup.

ADP’s expectation was “support during this challenging time”, says the statement.

“The TPLF will never change from its corrupt way of politics,” it claims, adding that, it is not new that TPLF labeling people and nations of demeaning names.

“This has been a part of its ruling techniques to put tags such as chauvinists, narrow nationalists, and terrorists on people that do not agree with its stance,” ADP said of TPLF, formerly powerful party in Ethiopia.

‘Difficult to ignore’

ADP executive committee, who met this week in Bahir Dar, claims that the party has been ignoring numerous provocations and continuing to work with TPLF out of respect for the people of Tigray.

This also includes the party’s involvement in several conflicts, despite having concrete shreds of evidence, it says.

This time, the statement says, it has become “very difficult” to ignore the “provocative allegations and false narratives” of TPLF.

The ruling party in Amhara has also chided TPLF’s request for the ADP “to look into its fragile internal situation, assess the killings of officials and make a public apology accordingly”.

ADP describes TPLF’s request as “shameful”, adding there would be no apology.

It also said the ruling party in Tigray has no moral basis to ask such questions considering “it has been committing major atrocities in Ethiopia” and yet hid major suspects of that.

The statement shows TPLF is still hanging onto its “outdated” strategy in meddling and not interested to keep the unity of the nation intact.

“TPLF is exploiting the current situation in the country to cover up the crimes it had committed for years,” it says, adding that, people should remember that the party has placed suspects of major crimes in the country.

ADP called on the people of Tigray not to accede to efforts to divide the people of Tigray and Amhara who are intermarried and share historiy and cultural values.

The party also tells residents of the Amhara region in particular and the people of Ethiopia that “there is no going back” on the ongoing reform in the country.

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