Police Arrest Finnish Gang Trafficking Nigerian Prostitutes

ADDIS ABABA – European police have arrested six suspected members of a Finnish-led gang who trafficked Nigerian women for sex, AFP news agency quoted officials as saying.

The group worked in at least 15 countries, from Marbella in Spain, where the alleged ringleader was arrested, to Finland and Sweden, where a lot of the women worked as prostitutes, the EU legal agency Eurojust were quoted by AFP as saying.

Police have seized almost three million euros ($3.4m; £2,.7m) in assets in four countries, now frozen the suspects’ bank accounts in 12 different countries, as well as seizing luxury cars, jewelry, and about €30,000 in cash, the EU’s police agency Europol is quoted as saying.

AFP’s report adds that the group is said to have made some €40m in criminal profits since 2010.

[Featured Image Getty Images via bbc]

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