Almaz Derese

Woman Takes Exams 30 mnts After Giving Birth

ADDIS ABABA – Almaz Derese, a secondary student who took her exams after giving birth to a baby boy, has earned praise from across the world.

Almaz, however, was not the only one who gave birth during the first half of the national exam week. At least 10 students gave birth, confirmed the ministry of education, adding all of them went on taking the exams.

But Almaz’s story grabbed the attention of the world after the BBC reported it on its website. Almaz went into labor shortly before her first exam.

She was quickly back in fighting form and in half an hour, was determined to take her exams in English, Amharic, and math, reports said.

It was her husband, Tadese Tulu, who convinced the school to give her the exams in the hospital.

Almaz did not want to delay her graduation day and studied while she was pregnant. She said going into labor came easy to her because she was pressured to take her exams. After finishing secondary school, Almaz aims to do a two-year course before going to university.

While most lauded her for her “determination and grit” online, saluting her for not giving up despite all odds and dubbed her journey as “inspiring”, others thought it was “wonderful, but she shouldn’t have to do that”.

Barriers to education such as poverty remain for women in Ethiopia.