Tsigereda Kifle (PhD), general manager for federal HIV/AIDS prevention and control office.

Falling Fund Forces Govt to Look Inward to Tackle HIV/Aids

By Mhret G/Kirstos

ADDIS ABABA – The decrease in external support for Ethiopia’s HIV prevention effort has become a concern as officials start to inside to fill the void.

“All parties from the private and governmental sector should contribute to prevention efforts to HIV virus,” said Tsigereda Kifle (Ph.D.), general manager for federal HIV/AIDS prevention and control office, at a press briefing on Tuesday.

President Shahlework Zewde’s office has prepared a national conference that will discuss on challenges the prevention efforts are facing at the moment.

The conference, planned to be held at Prime Minister Office on June 13, will also put directions and plans to tackle the increase of HIV virus infection, Tsigereda said, in addition to ways to fund prevention activities from local sources.

The general manager said the virus is showing an increasing trend in high school students as “they are now becoming negligent to take the necessary precaution to protect themselves”.

Researches show that there are about 610,335 peoples living with HIV virus in Ethiopia.

The virus has also been detected in 13,488 people this year while more than 13, 000 peoples are projected to lose their life as a result of HIV/Aids.

Ethiopia is among only a few countries in Africa that are within reach of meeting the UNAIDS treatment goals by 2020, namely: having 90 percent of those infected know their status; having 90 percent of those diagnosed receive treatment, and having 90 percent of those receiving treatment achieve viral suppression.