U.S. Conducts 5th Attack in Somalia Since Mid-April

ADDIS ABEBA – U.S. Africa Command said it has conducted an airstrike targeting ISIS-Somalia terrorists in the Golis Mountains of Somalia, on Wednesday.

This is the fifth precision airstrike against ISIS-Somalia since April 14, according to the Command said

“At this time, it is assessed the airstrike killed two (2) terrorists. A detailed post-strike analysis continues and more details may be released as appropriate,” the Command said in a statement.

Africom said the latest attack, carried out in coordination with Somalia’s Federal Government, is a deliberate campaign to limit and disrupt freedom of movement in the area.

It is also aimed at eliminating leaders of the organization, officials said.

“Our efforts to locate and eradicate ISIS leaders who control a range of activities – from operations to financing and communications – is hitting at the heart of the organization and disrupting their ability to continue their terrorist activities,” said RDML Heidi K. Berg, director of intelligence, U.S. Africa Command.

According to Africom, the federal government and its partner forces continue to make inroads into the territory where ISIS operates.

“U.S. Africa Command works by, with and through AMISOM and our Somali partners to reduce the threats they face to assist in establishing a secure environment in order for broader diplomacy efforts to come to fruition,” it said.

The command said its assessment into the attack indicated “no civilians were injured or killed as a result of this airstrike”.