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Six-Month Livestock Export Generates Over $9.2 Million

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s livestock export earnings saw a slight improvement in the past six months but fell short of the target set by the Ministry of Trade & Regional Integration.

The country secured close to 9.3 million US Dollars from livestock export in the first half of the 2023/24 fiscal year.

A total of 130, 237 live animals were shipped to the international market, the Ministry of Trade said announcing the six-month performance today.

Yemen, Oman, Djibouti, Somalia, Libya, and Saudi Arabia were the destinations for the live animals exported from Ethiopia during the six months.

In a statement today, the ministry says 127,464 ships, 2,299 goats, and 474 head of cattle were exported to the five markets, bringing in a total of 9.276 million US Dollars in revenues.

The export performance put a continued decline in foreign exchange earnings from cattle exported to a halt and even registered a slight improvement from a similar period last year.

The number of live animals shipped jumped by about 160,000 while the earnings increased by a million and a half US Dollars as compared to the same months last year, per the Ministry of Trade.

However, the earnings still fell short of the plan, achieving only 81.3 percent of the revenue target authorities set for the six months.

Ethiopia has an estimated 59 million heads of cattle; sheep and goat populations stand at 7.5 million and 13.2 million, respectively. Yet, its export earnings underperform mostly due to illicit cross-border trade and rampant under-invoicing observed among livestock exporters.

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