‘Dine for Ethiopia’ Initiative’s Chebera Elephant Paw Lodge Inaugurated 

The second tourism destination developed through Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ initiative has been inaugurated in the South West Ethiopia region.

The PM was joined by senior officials of his administration and other signatories during the official opening of the Chebera Elephant Paw Lodge on Saturday.

The lodge is located at the heart of the Chebera Churchura National Park – home to the endangered African elephant species as well as buffalo, wild boar, deer, antelope, and more.

“Yet another spectacular destination to unleash the potential of the tourism sector,” Development and Planning Minister Fitsum Asefa said.

The tourism sector is one of the five economic pillars of the government’s development plan. The PM announced seven more development projects in March under the Dine for Generation initiative as a continuation of the ‘Dine for Sheger’ and ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ initiatives. 

Authorities say unlocking the potential of the sector has been at the heart of these Dine initiatives, and their respective projects.

These “projects are alarms to awaken the laying giant, attracting the private sector, and transforming the hidden treasures into real economic benefits,” Fitsum said.