ESL's vessel, named Abbay II, at Djibouti's Doraleh Multipurpose ports.

ESL Welcomes New Vessel at Djibouti Port

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics (ESL) enterprise has announced the arrival of its 10th fleet at Djibouti airports.

The vessel ‘Abby II’ can transport 63,229 tons of cargo per trip, making it the biggest ship of the current ESL’s fleet, the Multimodal operator says.

Ethiopia’s ambassador to Djibouti Berhanu Tsegaye and Djibouti’s Infrastructure and Equipment Minister Hassan Houmed Ibrahim joined ELS officials at the Doraleh Multipurpose Ports to welcome the ship on Sunday.

“Excited to announce the arrival of Ethiopia’s impressive 10th fleet, MC Abbay. It’s a game-changer for Ethiopia’s shipping and logistics sector,” Ambassador Berhanu said.

Abbay II was bought in to replace two fuel cargo fleets with a combined 42,000 metric tons carrying capacity.

ESL says the decision to replace the two fuel tankers with Abbay II cargo ship was made based on financial reasons, saying operating them caused the ESL to incur losses in recent years.

The 200-meters long vessel, Abbay II, was built by China’s ship manufacturer Yangzhou Dayang Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.

It will increase the capacity of ESL’s Shipping and Logistics Services operations to the next level, the sole Multimodal operator in Ethiopia

ESL – the only national Flag carrier in Africa – operates Shipping and Logistics Services to 345 international ports.

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