Ministry Adjusts Fuel Retail Prices, again

ADDIS ABABA – The Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration has announced another adjustment on the retail prices of petroleum products.

The latest adjustment will see all petroleum products except jet fuel jump by at least 5 percent.

According to the Trade Ministry, the retail price for benzene will be 69.43 Birr per liter, up from 61.29 Birr.

A liter of diesel will see prices rise by a little over 6.20 Birr to 71.08 birr while a retail price of Kerosene will be up from 67.30 Birr to 71.08 birr a liter.

The adjustment will also see the price of Light Black diesel at the pump rise from 49.67 Birr to 57.84 Birr per liter, and the price of Light Black diesel increase from 49.67 Birr to 57.84 Birr a liter.

The price of jet fuel, however, will be reduced from 70.6 Birr to 66.60 Birr per liter.

The latest fuel prices will be effective for the next 30 days, starting from April 3, 2023.

The Ministry’s last fuel price adjustment in March saw no price change in retail fuel products with the exception of jet fuel.

The retail price adjustment is a part of the government’s plan to phase out fuel subsidies for all but public transport services in June this year.

The Ministry of Trade says there will be no price change for vehicles registered under the national public subsidy program, in the new adjustment.

This will increase the amount of fuel subsidy that public transport service providers are benefiting from 17.25 birr to 25.47 in benzene, and from 22.68 birr to 26.46 in diesel.

The TeleBirr payment system-backed fuel subsidy program aims to ease transport costs for low-income households by subsidizing nearly 200,000 registered vehicles that are providing public transport services across Ethiopia.

“There will be no tariff change on transport fee,” said the Trade Ministry, adding that it has communicated “this decision to various government and security structures to enforce it.”