Millions of voters casted ballots in the referendum to create a new state.

Poll in SNNPR Referendum Concludes Peacefully

The referendum in 11 zones and districts of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Regional state (SNNPR) concluded peacefully, a Security bureau says.

Millions of voters cast ballots in 3,771 polling stations set up in six districts and five special districts for the referendum to create a new state.

The poll took place in the Konso, South Omo, Wolayita, Gamo, Gedeo, and Gofa zones as well as Burji, Basketo, Ale, Amaro, and Derashe special districts.

In a press briefing, SNNPR’s Peace and Security Bureau chief Alemayehu Bawdi appreciated the public’s cooperation with security officers.

The voting process in 3,771 polling stations was peaceful and wrapped up without any security problems, he added.

Preliminary results are being announced at the polling stations as the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia plans to announce the final result in mid-Feb.

Ethiopia has a federal system with 11 regions. A majority vote in the ongoing referendum will decide on creating the 12th region which will be named Southern Ethiopia.