Addis Ababa to Host First African Youth Summit

ADDIS ABABA – Youth leaders from over 50 African states are expected to attend the first African Youth Summit to be held in Addis Ababa, starting Saturday.

The summit aims to promote pan-Africanist vision and sentiment to prospective youth Africans and strengthen integration and the role of Africa in international issues.

Member of the organizing committee, Alemayehu Seifu stated that youth representatives from more than 50 African countries will attend the summit, along with young leaders from all over the host nation.

Former Ethiopian leaders are expected to share their experiences with the youth participating in the three-day event.

The summit would strengthen the African youth brotherhood, Alemayehu stated.

He also said Ethiopia is committed to promoting a pan-African vision as it is critical for the youth to understand the concept of pan-Africanism.

The Pan-Africanism Award will be presented by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to those who have contributed to the promotion of the pan-Africanism vision.

The summit is organized by the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.