Diplomatic Community Briefed on Peace Process in Northern Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – The Peace Committee, set up by the Federal Government, has briefed Addis Ababa-based ambassadors and diplomatic community about efforts carried out to resolve the conflict in northern Ethiopia.

The Main Peace Committee was established after Ethiopia’s ruling prosperity party passed a resolution to bring the conflict to an end through negotiation.

The Committee met and discussed progress made in the peace process to date, the current situation in northern Ethiopia, and other related issues before Wednesday’s briefing.

The conflict has eased in recent months following a truce to allow humanitarian aid into Tigray. But a ceasefire agreement has been signed between the government and TPLF.

In a statement today, the committee said the federal government has already expressed its readiness to engage in peace talks without precondition, at any venue and at any time, in addition to several prior attempts to resolve the conflict including unilateral humanitarian truce, lifting of the state of emergency, halting its troops from advancing to Mekelle, and releasing detainees suspected of having affiliation with the TPLF.

The Committee said, in its discussion, has emphasized the imperative of alleviating the suffering of citizens in the conflict-affected parts of the Tigray, Afar, and Amhara regional states.

There is a need to conclude a ceasefire agreement as soon as possible in order to ensure a sustained provision of humanitarian aid, resume basic services and resolve the conflict peacefully, its statement further states.

“To expedite this process, the Committee has deliberated upon and adopted a peace proposal that would lead to the conclusion of a ceasefire and lay the foundation for future political dialogue,” its statement reads.

A decision has been made to communicate the proposal to the African Union (AU) High Representative “as soon as possible”, the committee announced.

Wednesday’s briefing to the diplomats was also held, the committee said, as per its decision “to facilitate an expedited resumption of basic services within the enabling environment that would be created once a ceasefire is concluded”.

“All effort is being exerted in collaboration with the African Union so that it would be possible to determine the venue and time for talks and to begin peace talks quickly and to conclude a ceasefire agreement shortly,” the committee said.

The federal government already instructed service-providing institutions “to carry out the necessary activities for the implementation of these decisions,” according to the committee.

The Committee commended the support that Ethiopians have shown to the peace effort urging the public at large to strengthen and continue the support. It also called on the international community to stand with the AU and play a constructive role in the peace effort.