‘Fly Ethiopian Go-Organic!’: Airlines Launches Recipe Book to Promote Ethiopian Cousins

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian airlines has launched its first recipe book entitled ‘Fly Ethiopian Go-Organic’, in a bid to promote authentic Ethiopian indigenous cousins and beverages to the world.

The book of cooking directions and recipes for cuisine and beverages was prepared by the Ethiopian In-flight catering team as part of the airline’s corporate social responsibility initiatives of the airlines.

Ethiopian Group CEO, Mesfin Tasew said the preparation of the book “allows us to contribute our share in promoting Ethiopia’s accumulated culinary knowledge and art to the rest of the world”.

The airline, with about 130 international destinations around the world, transports millions of passengers annually.

“Ethiopian constantly takes the initiative to provide delicious inflight meals of different cultures to meet the specific needs of our diverse customers,” said its CEO. The book contains the recipes for the all-organic inflight meal.

“Customers are getting increasingly more conscious about what they eat and drink in their daily life as well as when they travel due to health considerations,” he said 

“With all these factors in mind, our catering in-flight team has unveiled the ‘Fly Ethiopian Go-Organic’ project to showcase the organic food we serve on board and how we prepare them,” he added.

The Tourism Ministry has appreciated the key role the  airline is playing in bringing culinary tourism to Ethiopia. 

“It is also promoting the culture of Ethiopian people,” Tourism minister Nasise Chali, calling on the airlines to expand its latest project to add on the recipes of Ethiopian diverse cousins in the next book.

Featured Image Caption: Top officials of both the airlines and tourism ministry at the recipe book launching ceremony held on Sunday, July 10, 2022

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