Federal Police Get First DNA Lab

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Federal Police (EFP) has inaugurated their first Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) laboratory that will “significantly increase police forensic testing capacity”.

The laboratory was inaugurated on Saturday by Commissioner-General of the Ethiopian Federal Police, Demelash Gebremichael, in a ceremony attended by senior EFP officials.

Speaking at the event, Commissioner-General Demelash said the institution, this year, has exerted a lot of effort to support police’s investigation activities with technology.  

These efforts, he said, include boosting the investigation capacity of the Federal Police Crime Investigation Bureau’s forensics Investigation department.

The DNA Lab, inaugurated today, employees both DNA analysis technology that is currently being used in developed countries, and experts at Ph.D. level, Commissioner-general Demelash said. 

Demelash said the lab has created the capacity to carry out forensic tests locally, saving time and money previously spent to get DNA samples tested abroad.  

“The new technology will significantly increase police forensic testing capacity” and allow the police to get lab results faster and better in their efforts to solve complex criminal cases, the Commissioner general added.