21 Trucks Carrying Humanitarian Aid en route to Tigray

ADDIS ABABA – Twenty-one trucks carrying humanitarian aid have today begun their journey to Tigray via Aba’la Road in Afar region, says the federal government of Ethiopia.

The aid convoys started their journey to Tigray a week after the federal government declared a truce in the North Ethiopian conflict.

The GCS’s statement today said the government is exerting the utmost efforts for humanitarian aid to reach to people in need of support in Tigray.

Following the declaration of the truce, various aid agencies have been providing medicine, medical equipment, nutritious foodstuffs and finance on daily basis via air transportation to the needy in Tigray, it added.

Twenty-one trucks have begun transporting humanitarian aid through the World Food Program to Tigray region via Aba’la road of Afar region, the GCS said.

The convoys en route to Tigray are among the 43 truck food aid that are expected to transport food aid to the region through WFP.

The federal Government remains committed to work closely with stakeholders to ensure the full delivery of humanitarian assistance to citizens in the region, said the GCS.


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