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Four Fed Police Members Charged with Corruption, Abuse of Power

ADDIS ABABA – Four members of federal police have been charged with corruption and power abuse after extorting money from a businessman in Addis Ababa using the state of emergency as pretext.

In a statement, the ministry of Justice identified the four suspects as Fikadu Zewdie, Yishak Daka, Dessie Dejo, and Dawit Dadi.

Prosecutors said Dawit, accompanied by the other three officers, walked into a shop located around D’Afrique hotel on Nov , claiming to be federal intelligence unit member and that his team was there to do an audit although they didn’t have neither an order from the respective government agency nor the permit.

They later took the owner the business away from his shop using a police vehicle and threatened to arrest him under the state of emergency unless he paid up a million birr.

The suspects then shared the 260, 000 birr the businessman wired to a bank account of Dessie among themselves, according to the charge document.

The defendants actions, according to the Prosecutors, violated article 32 (1) and 33 of Criminal Law as well as article 9 (2) of Corruption Crime Proclamation of Ethiopia.

The four suspects, who appeared in court on Monday, were charged with corruptions and power abuse.

The case adjourned until Dec. 16 to hear the defendants response to charges brought against them.