Newly Elected Govt Officials, Appointees told to Register their Assets

ADDIS ABABA – The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission of Ethiopia (FEACC) has told new government appointees and elected officials to register their assets and financial interests.

Many new faces including at the ministerial level have joined the government structure following the government formation at federal and regional levels.

In a statement earlier this week, the Commission’s Asset Disclosure and Registration Directorate Director with the Commission, Mesfin Belayneh said new appointees and elected officials are required to register their asset as quickly as possible according to the law of the land.

Proclamation No.668/2002 E.C. and 1236/2013 E.C. stipulate that any appointee, public nominee and public servant shall notify and register asset.

The officials should carry out the registration of their assets as per the directive and proclamation, Mesfin said, as it would ensure transparency and accountability in government operations thereby preventing conflict of interest.

The FEACC has also called upon Ethics Liaison Units to do their level best to register theasset of all appointees, elected officials and public servants assigned in their respective institutions.

The Commission has managed to register the assets of some 836,528 appointees, elected officials and civil servants at the federal level since the beginning of the asset registration endeavor a decade ago, in November 2003 E.C.

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