EHRC Condemns Extrajudicial Killing of Suspected Criminal

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has condemned the extrajudicial killing of a suspected criminal, in Dembi Dollo city in the western Oromia region.

The Commission said it is “alarmed by the public parading and extrajudicial killing of a suspected criminal offender, Amanuel Wondimu, in Dembi Dollo, Kelem Wollega zone on May 11, 2021 by security forces”.

The EHRC added it condemned the incident in the “strongest terms”.

A short clip uploaded online showed a man, with clothes stained with blood and mud, chained to a fence. The man later died.

It urged authorities to “immediately investigate this incident and take appropriate measures”.

The authorities said he was a member of the Shene, which was recently designated as a terror group.

He was reportedly behind the killing of a journalist, who worked for the state media, two days ago.