Bomb Explosion in Addis Ababa Kills Two, Injured One

ADDIS ABABA – A bomb explosion in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, has killed at least two people and seriously injured another on Sunday afternoon, City’s police said.

Addis Ababa police Commission said the explosion occurred today in an open area located in front of the National Metrology agency’s office located in Lideta Sub-city.

Initial investigation shows the explosion was heard around 02p.m., said Daniel Tafesse, assistant Inspector of the commission’s Lideta Sub-City Police Department.

Minutes before the explosion happened a man whose age estimated to be between 50-55 and two other women of similar age were seen pushing off each other and entered into the open space cleared for redevelopment, he added.

Two people have died on the spot while police took the other, who is seriously injured, to the nearest hospital.

Addis Ababa and Federal Police’s technical and explosive experts were rushed to the scene to clear the area of ​​further explosions. They found another un-exploded bomb inside the pocket of one of the dead, according to Police’s report.

Investigation is still ongoing to find out the identity of the individuals and the cause of the explosion, the Commission said.

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