Germany, Turkish Firms to Supply 600, 000mt Wheat to Ethiopia

ADDIS ABEBA – Germany based firm has won an international tender to supply 200, 000 Metric tons of Wheat to Ethiopia, a government procurement agency revealed on Tuesday.

Authorities confirm at least 40 companies bought the bidding document but only four companies made their bids.

“Martina Mertens Sample – which offers the least price of the four – has been selected to supply the wheat,” said Worku Gezahgn, acting Procurement Directorate director at the Public Procurement & Property Disposal Service (PPPDS), in an interview with The Monitor.

The other bidders were Huyton Inc. Group, A Plus Importer, Promising International Trading Co.

The agency which has bought the wheat on behalf Ethiopian Trading Business Corporation is expected to sign a contract with Martina Mertens Sample within seven days.

Turkish firm gets a major slice 

The latest announcement came days after PPPDS picked a Turkish firm as winner of another tender to supply 400, 000mt wheat at cost of 76.8mln USD.

Rosentreter Global Food Trading has beaten Huyton Inc. Group, Promising International Trading Co, A Plus Importer, Aston FFI and Grain Export Group.

PPPDS has issued the 400, 000mt wheat supply tender on behalf of the National Disaster Risk Management Commission.

About 42 companies bought the bid documents. But only six companies made the bid and reached the technical and financial evaluation stages, said Worku.

Rosentreter – a Turkish based trading company – chosen as the winner of the international tender on Monday after offering the least price, according to the acting director.

The winners of the two tenders are expected to transport the Wheat to port Djibouti. After that, Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise will import the wheat into the country, said Worku.

With the final outcome of the 80, 000mt wheat tender made official official last week, the agency is now in the final state of buying 680, 000tn wheat from three international companies.

By Mhret G/kristos

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