UN Security Council to Meet Monday on GERD

ADDIS ABEBA – The United Nations Security Council plans to meet Monday to discuss Egypt and Sudan’s objections to Ethiopia’s construction of a mega-dam on the Nile River, diplomatic sources told AFP Thursday.

The public video conference was called by the United States on behalf of Egypt, according to the sources.

Ethiopia wants to start filling the reservoir for 145-meter Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in July, with or without approval from the two other countries.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Thursday he would meet with the prime minister of Sudan shortly.

“The only way out in a situation like this is through dialogue among the parties and we are entirely at the disposal of the parties,” he said.

The Council already met informally, also at Egypt’s request, behind closed doors Monday to discuss letters sent by the involved countries expressing their concerns.

“We urge Egypt, we urge Ethiopia and Sudan to work together to intensify efforts to peacefully resolve outstanding differences,” UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said then.

Dujarric reminded the parties of “the importance of the 2015 Declaration of Principles on the dam” that stressed the need for cooperation based on good faith, international law and mutual benefit.


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