AU Congratulates Kenya For Winning UN Security Council Seat

ADDIS ABABA – African Union Commission has congratulated Kenya for wining the UN Security Council seat on Thursday.

Kenya has beaten Djibouti in the second round of voting after a contest between two east African nations headed to the second round of voting after the first phase saw Nairobi’s victory insufficient to win the UN seat.

With 191 of 193 countries voting, Kenya scored 129 votes, beating Djibouti which got 62 votes.

“My warmest congratulations to Kenya on its election as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for the Africa Region,” said Moussa Faki Mahamat, AUC Chairperson.

“The African Union looks forward to Kenya’s leadership and contribution to the A3 African Group in defending African positions during their tenure,” he said.

Starting from January 2021, Kenay will be part of key decisions on global peace and security. India, Mexico, Ireland and Norway had been elected earlier on Wednesday.

Some of those decisions, Kenya may be involved, may include sanctions, authorizing the use of force to preserve peace as well as electing judges of the International Court of Justice.

Working alongside the five permanent members with veto powers involving Russia, UK, US, China and France, Kenya will join nine other non-permanent members and could get a chance to preside over the Council’s sittings, an influential opportunity to influence agenda.

But this vote also means an assured legitimacy for the role of the African Union, the continental body, in endorsing candidates from among member states to “act in its name.”

By Staff Writer, Agencies

Featured Image: A UN Security Council meeting. [Photo File/DPA PICTURE-ALLIANCE]