Agency Bans One Athlete, Investigates Two Others for Breaching Anti-doping Rules

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian National Anti-doping Office announced on Friday it has banned long-distance runner Wondwossen Ketema after he was found to have used prohibited substances.

Athlete Wondwossen, who was a runner-up in Shenzhen marathon in China last year, received a four-year ban for a doping violation while running the race, the agency announced.

Subsequent tests revealed the presence of a performance-enhancing agent in his system, the agency told Fana Broadcasting and added that it slapped the athlete with a four-year ban.

Wondwossen can not compete in any other competition and is stripped of his medal and other honors that he received from the race.

Meanwhile, the agency also said it is currently investigating two other athletes for doping violations.

The agency, without disclosing their names two athletes, said they used the performance enhancers during different international competitions.

The agency says it will reveal the names and its ruling in due course.

[Photo File/BBC]