Over 77, 500 Counterfeit Ethiopian Currency seized in Adama City

ADDIS ABABA – Adama City Police officers seized 77,575 birr in counterfeit Ethiopian currency on Thursday.

The majority of them, 75, 000, are counterfeit 100 birr bills. Up to 2, 500 counterfeit money in 50 birr bill, two in 10 birr bill and one in 5 birr bill were also captured.

Police officers also said two suspects who were trying circulating the counterfeit notes are in custody.

The first suspect captured while trying to take the money to the city’s main market after the public tipped the police, Worknesh Gelmecha, City’s police spokesperson, told state-run news agency ENA.

Officers arrested the main suspect from a home in Lugo Sub city’s Bika Kebele, the smallest administration in Ethiopia, on Wednesday afternoon.

The suspect has been captured together with much of the counterfeit currencies, printing machines and other materials, she said.

Police said the two suspects will appear in court as soon as the ongoing investigation is over.

[Photo File/Elias Meseret]  

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