Ethiopian Korea War Veterans Get Face Masks Donation

ADDIS ABABA – The South Korean government has handed over face masks to the Ethiopian Korean War Veterans Association in a bid to help its members keep safe from COVID-19.

The association is expected to deliver the 40,000 masks to 911 war veterans and their family members.

South Korean Embassy in Addis Ababa says there is an urgent need for masks among the war veterans whose average age is 90 and are highly vulnerable to the risks of COVID-19.

Hoon-min Lim, Korean Ambassador to Ethiopia, has handed over the masks to Melese Tessema, Head of the Korean War Veterans Association, today.

“The war veterans are grateful for the diverse forms of assistance provided by the Korean counterpart, including medical support and scholarship programs for the descendants of war veterans,” said Melese.

“This donation of masks is another chance to reaffirm the warm support from the ROK government and the Korean people towards war veterans,” he said. “We would like to request for sustained support of the ROK for the war veterans, their family members, and their descendants”.

The masks were provided by the 70th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee of the government of Korea in return for the contribution and sacrifice made by the Ethiopian war veterans during the Korean War.

More than 3,000 Ethiopians fought in the Korean War, more than 120 were killed, more than 500 were wounded.

The survivors returned to Addis Ababa as heroes.

“The (Korean Government) will not forget the significant contribution and the noble sacrifice of the Ethiopian war veterans to protect peace and freedom of the ROK during the Korean war,” said Ambassador Lim.

“Today’s donation is a part of the effort to demonstrate the willingness of the (Republic of Korea) government,” said the ambassador.

Last week, the South Korean government provided medical supplies to support Ethiopia’s effort to curb COVID-19.

Image: The Republic of Korea envoy speaking with the head of Ethiopian Korean War Veterans at the handover ceremony