Ethiopia’s FM Hold Talks with Members of EU Parliament

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew has held talks with a delegation of the European Parliament over ways to strengthen ties n Tuesday.

Ethiopia’s ongoing reform and ways to bolster the strategic ties with the European Union have been a center of Tuesday’s discussion, says the office of Ethiopia’s foreign ministry.

Gedu has also expressed his country’s gratitude to the EU’s humanitarian and developmental support to stabilize the East African region.

The delegation – which was consisted of 17 members – has also been briefed on Ethiopia’s homegrown economic reform agenda, measures being taken to widen the political space and build democracy in the country.

Gedu urged the EU to continue its assistance to the overall development of Ethiopia and advised members of the delegation to encourage member states of the European Union to invest in Ethiopia.

Tomas Tobe, member of the European Parliament and head of the delegation, for his part, appreciated the initiative taken by Abiy Ahmed’s administration for peace in the region in general and Eritrea in particular.

European Union will continue its support to make the ongoing inclusive reform in Ethiopia a success, Tobe added.