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Council of Ministers Passes Three Bills, Mining Deal

ADDIS ABABA –The Council of Ministers passed three draft regulations and one mining bill in its 74th regular session held on Saturday, according to the prime minister office.

The Council initially discussed on the draft regulation prepared to amend the law determining the powers and duties of executive bodies of horticulture, live animals, hides, and skin marketing, says the office in a statement.

Accordingly, the horticulture development and marketing sector, which was under the mandate of the Ethiopian Investment Commission, is now accountable to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Ministry of Agriculture, on the other hand, will give the mandate to manage live animals, hides and skins marketing sector to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The Council also discussed on a bill that will defunct the Cyber Army Development Institute.

Drafted by Ministry of Peace, the Prime minister office said other education institutions could carry out similar job of training manpower for the sector.

The ministry also came to the decision to defunct the institution in a bid to reduce budget related burden.

Ministry of Science and Higher Education put forward a bill that will enable public higher learning institutions to management income generating schemes.

County’s education policy allows for the institutions to establish income generating enterprises.

The new regulation will device a uniform way on how they are managed, the PM office statement said on the rationale of the bill that has been discussed and approved on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Council of ministers also allowed the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum to conclude a mining agreement with Abay Industrial Development Share Company.

The deal will allow for the company to carry out a large-scale production of clay soil, gypsum and limestone.

[Photo File/PMO]