Ethiopia Gets $95.5mln AfDB Grant for Road Project

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia and African Development Bank (AfDB) have signed USD 95.6 million grant deal to finance the construction of the first section of the Adama-Awash Expressway project in the Ethio-Djibouti transport corridor.

The corridor will be constructed in three phases, of which the first phase consists of the construction of a 126 km four-lane expressway from Adama to Awash.

AfDB’s latest grant will be used for the implementation of the construction of the first 60 km part of the first phase which will start from Adama Awash Expressways to Melka-Jilo town, according to Ethiopian News Agency.

Ethiopia’s Finance Minister Ahmed Shide said, at the signing, the project will enhance the regional integration in trade and transport through an improved road network, road safety and savings in time and vehicle operating costs.

Carriers, travelers, traders, agro-business investors, and other operators are expected to benefit from an improved road connection when the project is completed, he pointed out.

According to the minister, it will also create jobs for local communities, especially youth and women, and improve access to health and education facilities.

The Ethio-Djibouti transport corridor is expected to serve as a basis for regional integration.

Ethio-Djibouti transport project phase I will deepen this economic trade, and transport integration efforts, said Abdul Kamara, Country Manager of AfDB.