Over 17, 000 Students Graduate from Bahir Dar, Mekelle Universities

ADDIS ABABA – The Bahir Dar and Mekelle universities have graduated a total of 17, 175 students in various fields of studies on Saturday.

Of the two, Bahir Dar University graduated most with 9, 750 students. The university says 6,520 students graduated with first degree, 3, 167 students with second degree and 63 students with a doctorate degree.

The institution also awarded honorary doctorate degree for Segenet Kelemu, Professor Hans Mattson and Mark Gelfand, and a medal for Deputy Chief Administrator of Somali regional state, Mustefe Mohammed Oumer.

Similarly, Mekelle University also graduated 7, 425 students on the same day.

Among these, 5,146 students graduated with a first degree while the remaining 2, 275 students and 4 students graduated with a second degree and doctorate degree, respectively.

Last week another public university, Addis Ababa University graduated over 9637 students at the Millennium Hall in the capital, where prime minister Abiy Ahmed urged graduates “to nurture an open mind” and “commit to principles of service, giving, resilience, love and lifelong learning”.

Photo Caption:  the graduation event at the Mekelle University took place at Adihaki Campus!