Ethiopia Seeks CSOs’ Input to Deepen Democratic Culture

ADDIS ABABA – Senior government officials have urged leaders of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Ethiopia to contribute in strengthening good governance and create a democratic culture in Ethiopia.

The CSOs leaders held a consultation meeting on Friday with senior government officials at the Prime Minister’s office as part of the series of conversations Prime Minister’s office is holding on issues of the reform agenda with various groups in the country.

The consultations are organized with the objective of engaging stakeholders to discuss key milestones and performance of government reforms as well as to detail their role in the democratization processes.

During the discussion, the participants raised key reform achievements, sectoral challenges as well as points on sustaining the reforms, according to the office of the Prime Minister.

In closing, “the Government officials called upon the CSOs to strengthen their contribution to good governance, building democratic culture and accelerating economic growth,” the PM office said.

Reports show that more than 3, 000 civil society organizations are currently registered and certified at the federal level.

The former proclamation that provided for the establishment of Charities and Societies was replaced by Proclamation on the Establishment of Civil Society Organizations in April 2019.