Abiy Secures Release of Ethiopian Prisoners in Sudan  

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed returned from Sudan with Ethiopians released from Prisons in Sudan, his office disclosed on Saturday.

Abiy spent Friday in Khartoum on a mission to broker peace talks between Sudan’s transitional government and protestors. He finalized his visit and returned home Friday night with 78 Ethiopians who were serving prison terms up to twenty years.

The Government of Ethiopia has been negotiating for the release of 78 prisoners over the past few months, said his office disclosed via Twitter.

“Their release was secured yesterday through further efforts by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in discussions with the leadership of the Transitional Military Council while in Sudan,” it said.

In Sudan’s capital, he held meetings with a coalition of political groups and parties representing protesters. After the meeting, the protestors accept Ethiopia’s Prime Minister as a mediator in their political deadlock with the Transitional Military Council (TMC) under certain conditions.

But, according to reports, they demanded the TMC take responsibility for the deadly dispersal of a protest sit-in on Monday, an international investigation into the incident is launched and political prisoners are released, among others.

He also held a similar meeting with the members of the military council on the same day.

“The military and the people and the political forces need to act with bravery and responsibility in taking quick steps to a democratic, reconciliatory transitional period in the country,” Abiy said in a statement.

His trip came after the African Union (AU) suspended Sudan’s membership on Thursday following the deaths of at least 108 people in Monday’s deadly sit-in attack. More than 500 were wounded in the raid, according to al Jazeera.