AA Police Commission Headquarters

Addis Abeba to Build Condo for Its Police Officers

By Sisay Sahlu

ADDIS ABEBA – City administration of Addis Abeba plans to build condominium houses for its police officers at a cost of four billion Br.

Addis Abeba Police commission revealed on Monday that the construction will start next Ethiopian fiscal year.

City’s Police Commissioner Getu Argaw said all the necessary preparations including design for the houses have already been carried out.

The residential houses will be built in seven sites and could be from five-storey to 10-storey buildings.

“The construction may take not more than three years,” the commissioner told reporters on Monday.

He said the city administration has already allocated the money for the construction.

“Such projects will help the police to do its job unwaveringly,” said Commissioner Getu.

Addis Abeba city police commissin has at least 19,300 members.

Apart from the residential houses, Addis Abeba administration will construct a Police College in order to train efficient and modern police officers to the capital.