The hall of Ethiopian parliament in Addis Ababa

MPs Endorse New Judges for Federal High Court

ADDIS ABABA – The House of People’s Representatives has endorsed the appointment of sixteen new judges for the Federal High Court.

Tesfaye Beljige, a government whip with a ministerial rank, presented the nominees for approval during the parliament’s regular session on Tuesday.

Per the government whip, the appointment aims to balance judge to case ratio and curb backlog due to an increasing number of cases in Regional States, Tesfaye told Members of Parliament.

Tesfaye said the process which focused on recruiting nominees with required educational, professional, and related backgrounds began with the Federal Judicial Administration Council issuing a call for applicants for candidates.

Sixteen judges were then nominated for federal high judgeship after scoring high points from a pool of selected applicants who took written and oral exams – both prepared by Addis Ababa University’s School of Law.

The MPs raised several questions regarding the nominations including their concerns over the representation of women.

Tesfaye said support was given to women candidates during the selection process to narrow down the gender parity gap in judgeship. However, only three women – namely Kebebush Worku Dadi, Mitsilat Tilahun Gebru, and Tikikil Tasew Asfaw – managed to fulfill the criteria set forth for the appointment, per the Minister.

The lawmakers eventually voted to endorse all the nominees to serve as federal high court judges unanimously. The newly appointed judges were sworn in front of the House.

The full list of the new federal high court judges 

  • Ayele Mamo Bediru
  • Mekuria Filho Fenkasho
  • Nekir Sufa Burketa 
  • Hailemariam Moges Tesemma
  • Alemayehu Daba Shuma 
  • Urgah Getahun Feyisa 
  • Mohammed Jibril Shibeshi
  • Haile Asnake Garede
  • Kebebush Worku Dadi
  • Nur Bushra Ali
  • Mitsilat Tilahun Gebru
  • Habite Terefe Wako
  • Temesgen Mengiste Gwangul
  • Habite W/Senbet Jaleta
  • Tikikil Tasew Asfaw
  • Awel Zewide Disassa