Education Ministry Sets Cut-off Point for Graduate Program Admission

ADDIS ABABA  – The Ministry of Education has announced the cut-off points for candidates’ admission to university graduate programs.

This year’s graduate program candidates become the first to sit the national Graduate Admission Test (GAT) mandated in all universities.

The national GAT exam was administered online on October 10-12, 2023. The questions were focused on areas of problem-solving, critical thinking, scientific theories and principles.

After the results were released online, the Ministry of Education announced today the cut-off points for admission to the graduate program of both private and public universities

It says a candidate who gets 62 (50%) of the total questions right can be admitted to the graduate program.

Accordingly, the passing cut-off score has been pegged at the 80 percentile.

How to view National GAT Exam Results

To check their exam results, candidates are advised to:

1. Click the AAU portal: 

2. Login using their respective password and username to view the status. 

Candidates who score the passing mark will be eligible for the graduate program admission for two consecutive years. They may also be subjected to another exam depending on their chosen fields.