Parliament Revokes MP’s Immunity over Corruption case

ADDIS ABABA – The Lower House of the Ethiopian parliament has today revoked the immunity of its member Chala Wata (Ph.D.) who is suspected of corruption.

The revocation of his privilege of being protected from legal suit was proposed by the Ministry of Justice and presented to the parliament during its regular session Tuesday.

Chala has been accused of violating the country’s procurement law while overseeing a purchasing process at Bulle Hora University when he was the president of the institution.

Millions of Birr that he allegedly gained from the illegal acts are said to have been found in the MP’s account along with a 3-storey building worth 10 million Birr registered under his wife’s name, as per the motion.

The MP denied the accusations while speaking against the motion.

Members of the Parliament voted to pass the motion with a majority vote and one abstention vote.

PMs Approve President, Vice President of Federal High Court

The house, in its 13th regular session today, also approved Lelise Desalegn’s nomination as president of the Federal High Court.

The parliamentarians also approved the appointment of Zahra Umar as the court’s vice president.

The two appointments were approved with the majority and only two abstentions.

Following the approval, the newly appointed president and vice president of the federal high court took the oath at the parliamentary session today.