Grade 12 Exam: Top Scorers Get Awards, UAE Scholarships

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed awarded high-achieving students and high-performing high schools that scored top results in the recent grade 12 national exams.

More than 896, 500 students took the national exam, also known as Ethiopian University Entrance Exam, 2021/22 Ethiopian academic year.

The results disappointed many after only 29, 909 students, or 3.3% of the total examinees, managed to score 50% and above.

Announcing the cutoff points for university entrance, the ministry of education said the students with 50% and above score points would get scholarships in public universities.

PM: “Hard work is Rewarding”

Authorities also awarded the top scorers of the national exams along with 20 high-performing schools.

“Congratulations to the top scorers in the 12th-grade national exams,” said Abiy who gave the awards to the students.

The PM also told the 273 high-scoring students that they will get free scholarships to pursue their university education in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“Hard work is rewarding,” the Prime Minister said. “Your discipline and hard work must continue onwards into your tertiary education and towards becoming the generation that keeps transforming Ethiopia.”

The National Educational Assessment and Examination Services released the Exam results on Jan 27, 2023.

Natural Sciences students Dominate the Top Scorers list

The overall results of the national exam were described as “shocking” by the education authorities who administered the exam under strict supervision in the campuses of public universities for the first time.

The result recorded by the students of the social sciences was even poorer after only 1.9% of students registered 50% and above points. In natural sciences, 8.6% scored 50% and more points from nearly 340, 000 students.

The results further showed only 10 social science students got 500 or more out of 600 points while 263 social sciences students scored 600 or more out of 700 points.

Today, the top scorers from both streams, 273 in total, have been awarded a laptop and a recognition certificate, in addition to free scholarships to join UAE universities.

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