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NLA partners Ethio Telecom to Launch Digital Lottery

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio telecom and the National Lottery Administration (NLA) signed a partnership agreement to launch a digital lottery named Admas via Telebirr and 605 SMS services.

The agreement was signed between Ethio telecom CEO Frehiwot Tamiru and NLA Director General Geremew Garje on Friday.

Ethio telecom is striving to realize the vision of digitalizing Ethiopia, its CEO said.

The launching of the digital lottery through Telebirr and short SMS services is part of Ethio telecom’s efforts to promote digitalizing services, Frehiwot said.

The latest partnership will also help the NLA to reduce printing costs and time as well as increase its lottery service to be more accessible and convenient to its customers.

Accordingly, lottery ticket buyers could buy Admas digital lottery via Telebirr as well as NLA’s 605 SMS service by sending any letter.

As soon as the ticket buyers purchase the lottery tickets, they will receive the lottery ticket number and the lottery drawing date either via 127 Telebirr SMS or 605 SMS sent from NLA and the ticket prices will be deducted from their deposited Telebirr account/airtime.

The partnership with Ethiopia telecom, NLA Director General Geremew ]said, would modernize NLA’s services and increase its customers, stating the lottery service will eventually be digitalized to facilitate transactions.

Apart from NLA, Ethio Telecom has recently forged a similar partnership with several public and private companies to use the mobile payment and digital wallet service telebirr

Since its launch in May last year. Telebirr has been subscribed by over 21.14 million subscribers. Ethio telecom’s Telebirr-based transaction value has also reached 25.67 billion birr.

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