President Sahle-work Launches Humanitarian Support Hotline

ADDIS ABABA – President Sahle-Work Zewde has launched a humanitarian support hotline that enables the Ethiopian Red Cross Society(ERCS) to raise money in support of war and drought affected communities.

President Sahle-Work, a patron of ERCS, initiated the fundraising campaign with the support of Ethiopia Telecom on Tuesday.

The hotline, Ethio-telecom-adapted 9400, is now open for all who want to support people affected by natural and man made challenges.

“The fundraising program which will last for one year, will provide support to our nationals victims of man made and natural disasters,” the president office said in a statement.

Three consecutive failed rainy seasons in lowland areas of Ethiopia have caused drought, drying up water wells, killing livestock and crops.

Reports say the impact is currently more severe in the southern and eastern Oromia and Somali regions, where some 4.4 million people are facing critical water shortages.

According to ERCS, many also are in need of assistance due to the conflict in the northern part of the country.