Federal Police Arrest Two Foreigners for Counterfeiting Money

ADDS ABABA – Ethiopian Police on Monday arrested two foreigners for allegedly making and distributing counterfeit foreign currencies.

In statement today, the federal police said they have been following the suspects following a tip-off from the public of their involvement in Counterfeit scam.

The suspects – Cameroon and Ivory Coast nationals – were finally caught, red-handed, inside a Hotel near Edna Mall in Addis Ababa.

They were showing a sample counterfeit US dollar bill following a deal to make fake dollars worth a million with another person, according to the Police.

Police also seized several currencies of Tanzania, UAE, Kenya and Sudan as well as Euros together with papers, liquid chemical, powder and other materials used in making counterfeit bills.

Both suspects are now in custody. Investigation is currently underway, according to the Federal Police.

This is the second time in 30 days security officials arrested foreigners involved in money counterfeit scam. Late November, two foreign nationals from the same countries were arrested for running in a counterfeit currency racket in the capital.