Abiy Attends Demo of Ethio-Cloud Seeding

ADDIS ABABA- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has attended the Ethio-Cloud Seeding demonstration held at Entoto Observatory on Saturday morning.

Authorities believe the technology complements hydroelectric power generation and irrigation efforts in Ethiopia.

At the demonstration event, PM Abiy emphasized that employing nature to benefit humankind is not a matter of contending with the Creator and nature, but of exercising intellectual capacity.

“The successful completion of the cloud-seeding demonstration implies that our country’s efforts in hydropower generation and irrigation will be supported by more rain,” he said.

The PM took the opportunity to urge Ethiopians to work together with law enforcement agencies to thwart the plans of criminals.

His comment came days after scores of civilians were killed by an armed group in Western Ethiopia, which the state-financed rights Commission said, shows that the security situation in the area has not improved and causing additional human rights violations.

These criminals “want us to give up our dreams of modernizing our country,” prime minister Abiy said.

“The growth of our Ethiopia is the growth of our continent,” he said, extending his appreciation to those who took part in the successful trial of Cloud Seeding.

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