Gov’t Allocates Nearly 40bln Birr to Provide Food Aid in Tigray

ADDIS ABABA – The Federal Government said it has allocated close to forty billion Birr to respond to the dire humanitarian needs in Ethiopia’s northern region.

“With the successful conclusion of the law enforcement operation, the most important priority of the Ethiopian Government in the Tigray region continues to be providing life-saving humanitarian assistance to the affected people,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement issued on Friday.

The federal government is currently covering 70 percent of the resources in the ongoing relef operation, while its humanitarian partners contribute the remaining 30 percent.

The operation has so far reached out to nearly four million people with 780,534.6 quintals of food and 80mln birr worth of non-food items .

The government will continue to comprehensively respond to the dire humanitarian needs on the ground, involving the reallocation of resources from other priority areas, said the ministry, adding close to forty billion birr has been allotted for food assistance.

It also reiterated Ethiopia’s readiness to engage with the international community “in a positive and constructive manner to effectively respond to the humanitarian situation” in the region.

“Access is adequately created; hence it would be pointless to call for access anymore. The situation in Tigray calls for concrete actions and that is food and medical assistance,” the statement concludes.

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