Over 4.2bln Birr Raised under ‘Dine For Ethiopia’

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has expressed his appreciation for all Ethiopians at home and abroad for their contribution to make ‘Dine For Ethiopia’ initiative a reality.

The Prime Minister made the remark during a Dine For Ethiopia’ dinner program during which he announced the initiative managed to raise 4.2 billion birr for the construction three projects.

The amount is 1.3 more than what officials’ initially targeted to raise under the initiative.

‘Dine for Ethiopia’ is an initiative launched by the Prime Minister last August to mobilize funds for the Koysha, Wonchi and Gorgora projects to be constructed in three regions with aim to boost the tourism sector.

“To all Ethiopians in the country and abroad that have enabled a successful Dine For Ethiopia through their contribution,” PM Abiy said. “I thank you deeply”.

“Our target was Birr 3 billion. You helped raise 4.2bil to develop Koysha, Wenchi and Gorgora,” he said. “In unity we shall reach our aspired destination”.

The PM officially introduced the nation-wide initiative in August, 2020 after his ‘Dine for Sheger’ helped to make similar projects in Addis Ababa – Sheger and Entoto parks – a reality.

The new projects will be executed in Gorgora, on the north shore of Lake Tana in south of Gondar of Amhara region; Wonchi, in the Oromia region, with a legacy of once powerful volcanoes, hot springs and water falls, where a crater lake is ‘a piece of paradise’ ; and Koysha, uniquely situated in the green hills and lush forests of the Southern region.

Apart from bolstering the tourism and service sectors, the government expects for the projects to create job opportunities for communities living near the projects.

Featured Image: Top government officials attended Saturday’s ‘Dine For Ethiopia’ dinner program

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