Federal Troops Takes Full Control of Axum & Adowa, Closing in on Adigrat City

ADDIS ABEBA – Federal troops fighting forces of Tigray People’s Liberation Front [TPLF] have taken full control of Axum and Adowa cities, according to the government.

“Today, the federal troops have managed to break the resistance posed by the fighters of the junta and taken control Axum city,” said the government’s statement posted on Twitter today.

On the road to Adwa, fighters of the junta also tried to stop the army in some areas but were defeated by the Ethiopian National Defence Force or ENDF who took control of Adowa, the statement added.

The government also said the federal army has taken control of surrounding areas of Adigrat and is now heading to Adigrat city – located 116 kilometers north of the regional capital of Mekelle.

“Many fighters of the TPLF militia and ENDF soldiers that sided with the junta have surrendered,” the government said.