Ethiopian, AerCap and Boeing Humanitarian Aid Cargo

Airlines, Boeing Partner on Humanitarian Delivery Flight to Ethiopia

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopian Airlines and Boeing have launched their fortieth humanitarian delivery flight of medical supplies worth over 20,000 pounds to the East African nation.

The airline’s new 787 Dreamliner has brought supplies including health care and family needs from Everett, Washington.

Boeing said the shipment is expected to be distributed to hospitals, clinics and charities in the capital Addis Ababa.

“Ethiopian Airlines has been deeply involved in transporting critical Covid-19 supplies to support communities during these difficult and challenging times,” said Kagnew Asfaw, Ethiopian Airlines Holidays & Digital Sales VP.

“Building on our history of collaboration in humanitarian flights, we are partnering with Boeing to bring home healthcare supplies,” the VP said. “We would like to thank the Ethiopian community and several organizations in Seattle for their generosity and support.”

Humanitarian supplies on the flight were provided by three charitable partners in Seattle: Resolute Health Outreach (RHO), the Ethiopian National COVID-19 Response Task Force of Seattle and Embuaa Family.
They contributed supplies ranging from face masks, wipes and sterile gloves to exam tables, bassinets, medicine and more.

“Over the past 10 years, RHO has donated 200 tons of medical equipment to Ethiopia,” said Dr. Richard Solazzi, board chair at Resolute Health Outreach. “This would not be possible without the help and cooperation of Ethiopian Airlines and Boeing.”

The Humanitarian Delivery Flight Program was launched in 1992 as a collaboration between Boeing and its customers to transport humanitarian supplies assistance around the world on newly delivered airplanes with otherwise empty cargo holds.


Featured Image: An Ethiopian Airlines 787-9 was loaded with humanitarian supplies in Everett, Wash., before its flight to the Addis Ababa region on Oct. 1.