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Prosecutors Charge Eskinder Nega & Two others with Terrorism

ADDIS ABABA – Seven defendants in the Eskinder Nega case were charged on Thursday at the federal high court for their alleged involvement in the deadly June unrest.

Eskinder, a Chairman of the Balderas for True Democracy party, was arrested along with his deputy Sintayehu Chekol on 30 June in Addis Ababa following the killing of artist Hachalu Hundessa.

After a two-month-long investigation, federal prosecutors filed charges against the seven defendants.

Eskinder as well as the second and third defendants were charged with terrorism, reported state-affiliated FBC. The remaining five defendants were charged with inciting violence, it added.

Prosecutors accuse the defendants of causing harm to persons and properties as well as organizing mobs in the capital following the killing of artist Hachalu on June 30.

The death of the singer caused unrest across Oromia Regional State and Addis Ababa which led to the death of more than 178 people including members of the police force – the deadliest spasm of violence since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office.