Aden Farah Elected as Speaker of House of Federation

ADDIS ABABA – The upper house of Ethiopia’s parliament has elected Aden Farah as its new speaker on Wednesday.

Aden replaced Keria Ibrahim who resigned from the post on Monday after serving only two years.

The house also elected Etsegent Mengistu as Deputy Speaker of the Federation, replacing Mohammed Reshid.

The election took place hours after the House of Federation voted for all federal and regional parliaments to continue for another nine to 12 months.

The decision effectively extends Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s time in office until the next elections.

The House also deliberated on the recommendations forwarded by the constitutional interpretation and identity issues affairs standing committee in response to quests for regional statehood in the SNNP regional state.

After the discussion, the House decided the standing committee to hold public consultations and come up with a resolution according to FBC.