European Union to Deploy Observers for 2020 Ethiopia Elections

ADDIS ABEBA – European Union has announced on Friday it will deploy election observers in Ethiopia’s upcoming national election.

Ethiopians will vote on Aug. 29 for parliamentary elections which will be the first test of voter support for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has eased political restrictions since he took office in 2018.

The upcoming elections are an important test to consolidate democracy and stability in Ethiopia, said Josep Borrell, Vice-President of European Union Commission.

“I am glad to announce deployment of an EU Election Observation Mission,” he said after his meeting with Prime Minister Abiy in Addis Abeba.

The Prime Minister received the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and EU Commission Vice President Borrell on Friday Morning.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Abiy underlined that his government “remains committed to forging ahead with the reforms begun almost two years ago”.

“I shared with him our commitment to staying the course of the reforms,” Abiy said.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has rolled out a series of political and economic reforms since coming to power almost two years ago, including unbanning many political parties, releasing political prisoners and journalists and welcoming home exiled rebel groups.

But violence in the regions has forced millions out of their homes, according to the United Nations, and delayed both a national census and local elections.

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