New collaboration to mobilize $60mln for Refugee & Ethiopian Children’s Education 

New Collaboration to Mobilize $60mln for Refugee & Ethiopian Children’s Education 

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia and its international development partners have formed a new collaboration aimed at building a strong and inclusive national education system benefitting refugee and Ethiopian children.

The collaboration aims to mobilize at least 60 million US dollars in funding to support Ethiopia to realize its ambition to ensure that all children receive a quality education by integrating refugee children into its national school system, Global Partnership for Education (GPE) announces on Wednesday.

Addressing the Global Refugee Forum as a co-convener, Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Demeke Mekonnen, reiterated Ethiopia’s commitment to comprehensive refugee response planning.

He also highlighted Ethiopia’s efforts to put in place inclusive policies for refugees including those focused on education.

This new collaboration involving the GPE and the governments of Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom will support the Government of Ethiopia to deliver on these commitments.

A combined pledge of 15 million US dollars from Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, along with other possible resources, is intended to enable Ethiopia to access potential funding from the GPE comprising of a ‘multiplier’ grant of 25 million US dollars in addition to an accelerated financing grant of 20 million US dollars.

The partnership will also provide technical support to enable the Government of Ethiopia to find durable solutions for refugees through their inclusion in a strengthened national education system.

Ethiopia is home to Africa’s second-largest refugee population. Coming primarily from neighboring Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan, nearly 60 percent of the country’s refugees are children under the age of 18.

This collaboration comes at a critical time, according to the Global Partnership for Education.

With nearly 26 million refugees around the world, the international community has gathered at the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva to bolster its response to refugee situations and discuss solutions to improving quality education for refugees.

Image: Students studying at Felege Abbay Elementary School in Bahar Dar, Ethiopia. (Photo GPE/Kelley lynch)