Lawmakers Start Discussing on Several Loan Bills 

ADDIS ABEBA – Members of parliament referred several bills on loan agreements with various institutions and governments to its finance standing committee for further discussion.

Among the draft bills referred to the standing committee in the first regular session on Thursday is the 300-million-USD concessional loan agreement between Ethiopia and the World Bank.

The loan is expected to be used for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Program to be implemented across the country.

Another bill MPs referred to the committee involves the 280 million-USD loan. The agreement between the government and the World Bank targets the implementation of Lowland Resilience Livelihood Project in six regional states.

Government plans to invest 70 million USD on the project on its own.

The soft loan deal between the government and Korea Export-Import Bank amounting to 170 million USD was also referred to the committee is another agreement the lawmakers looked into.

The loan will be used for the extension of the national electricity grid power transmission project, according to the document.

Besides, the parliament discussed on a soft loan deal with Korea Export-Import Bank amounting to 94 million USD for rural development; 85 million Euros loan and 15 million aid agreement between Ethiopia and French Development Agency (AFD) to support the economic reform; deal between Ethiopia and Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa amounting to 44 million USD.

Members of Parliament referred the bills to their respective standing committees for further scrutiny, before their eventual approval.