Ethiopian Culture Centers Urged to Set Uniform Structure

ADDIS ABEBA – A consultative forum that aims to list out the challenges of culture centers and provide possible solutions was held on Monday in Bahir Dar City.

The forum entitled “The Role and Challenges of culture centers in Bahir Dar”, ensemble more than 80 participants including university vice presidents, directors, regional culture sector representatives, and artists.

Endris Abdu, Amhara region culture and tourism bureau vice head, said: “Today’s forum can be said the first in its kind in terms of being a holistic platform for all actors who are working on cultural centers.”

SELAM ETHIOPIA, an international organization that works to create an enabling environment for cultural growth, said the panelists listed out various challenges cultural centers in Ethiopia are facing.

It said, most importantly, panelists raised a budget constraint and unclear allocation of professionals as part of the key challenges of culture centers that ban the centers from achieving their mission, vision, and capacity.

Lack of proper Human resource professionals, materials such as music instruments, and awareness are also among the challenges mentioned, SELAM Ethiopia said in a statement.

Participants of the forum have also discussed mechanisms to alleviate the challenges.

They recommended for officials and regions to set a uniform structure for cultural centers, according to SELAM’s statement.

They urged for setting up of culture centers’ network “that strengthen their collaboration, share experiences, reduce duplication of efforts, and integrate knowledge and resources”.

SELAM ETHIOPIA, the organizer of the forum, is currently implementing a three-year project – Culture Leads the Way (CLtW) – in Addis Ababa and four regional states.

It intends to strengthen and advance the participation of cultural actors in the development process through different forms of cultural expressions as well as to showcase the importance of culture in the overall development of the country, it said.